Firstly a huge thank you for joining in and giving your enthusiasm and your time for the community.



As we are getting to use the facility for free and as with all local board related activities, there are a few rules, guidelines and processes you’ll need to follow. If you are happy with these and would like to run an event register your interest here: 

Click here to complete the form. 

If you would like to know further information around what is required to run an event please see below.


Details to Run an Event


The first thing you need to do is contact the Spring Festival team (see contact details below) regarding booking in your event. This year’s coordinator is Amanda Lowe. Email her what the event’s name is, what will be involved, which room is preferable (plus a second choice) and what dates/times you’ll be hoping to secure. For more info regarding the room capacity and size


So, a brief look at the rules:

  1. The event organiser is to dispose of all rubbish from their event off the premises (ie. do not leave it in the bins outside the building, please take it away with you)
  2. The rooms are to be left in the state they were found, cleared and ready for the next hirer.
  3. Council requires transparency around where the donations and koha or a competition goes to. (ie you have to account for your takings for example in purchasing materials for your event/ paying contractors etc with excess going to ‘x’ named charity or fundraising recipient)
  4. Anything that falls outside the walls of the centre needs a permit.
  5. Sausage sizzles do not require a permit and use of the community centre BBQ is free
  6. All licenses for screening of movies need to go to Amanda Lowe for record keeping purposes – No permit = no event
  7. Only a maximum of 100 people at any time upstairs
  8. Gallery (Foyer) space needs to have three metres clearance at all times
  9. Contact will need to be made with Kurt if anything needs to be hung on the walls (see Amanda Lowe)
  10. All chairs or tables can be shifted between rooms but must be put back at the end of every session in preparation for other hirers (chairs are all colour coded to room colours)
  11. All hirers must sign a copy of terms and conditions this can be obtained from Amanda Lowe


Next, find out if anything you are doing is going to need a permit. These include:

  1. Events involving outdoor spaces – anything outside the walls of the building. eg car-park.
  2. Events involving food sold outside the CC

IMPORTANT Please note events involving alcohol are not permitted under the Te Atatu Spring Festival banner as funding this year is coming from Henderson Massey Board who do not support any events involving alcohol or smoking.  This decision is unfortunately final.  So, the best solution is to run your event alcohol free.  If this is not suitable, you will be able to run your event at an offsite location, or within the community centre as long as the cost of hiring the room is paid and you have obtained an alcohol license. Unfortunately in these cases it will not be able to be advertised under the Te Atatu Spring Festival banner and will simply be an ‘event that’s occurring at the same time’


If you think or find you will need a permit, the Auckland Council website is a great place to start –


Please note that should you need a permit you should allow as much time as physically possible to obtain this so as not to be disappointed or stressed by last minute or too-late permit application consents being given!


As the aim of the festival is to encourage use of the community centre and its surrounds, all events must be either free or a donation/koha to cover your overheads. 

  1. There will be no charge for using the facility during the festival. Most of the rooms are usually charged out between $40-90 per hour!
  2. You may showcase your business, ask for membership to something, offer discounted promos or sell products.
  3. Any money raised for a cause or charity is to be receipted and shared with the accounts person
  4. If you hold a competition, please declare the winner at the close of your event or at the end of the festival with the accounts person.
  5. We will post all earnings and competition winners on the website at the end of the festival


If your event requires external power, lighting or speakers etc. you will need to source these items yourself from within your own networks


  1. Set up a facebook event as soon as possible in the Te Atatu Spring Festival FB page 

This can be done by clicking Events at the top of the page and Create.

  • IMPORTANT: Create your event inside the Spring Festival Facebook page! If you create it outside and then simply “Share” your event with our page it will not be listed in the “upcoming events” section.
  1. Don’t forget to complete the form:
  2. Print posters and handouts and distribute to the community, include koha and venue as well as the TASF web address and your FB page link – Think about how best to get your event publicised to the demographic you want to attract
  3. Create posters and handouts with a microsoft word template, sample below or use your own If you need help creating or using this template, let us know and we can meet you to assist

OK so that’s it!!



Welcome on board and good luck with your event.

This is going to be a fun, fantastic and inspiring Festival!

For any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

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